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Tips For Prolonging the Life of Your Transmission:

  • Check your transmission fluid regularly. Your vehicle's Owner's Manual offers instructions on how to properly check the transmission fluid. Look for low levels and discoloration.
  •  Consider having an external cooler installed.  Investing in an external cooler helps to alleviate friction and heat.  This helps to prolong the life of your transmission.
  • The majority of vehicles driven within city limits are considered to be operating under high stress conditions.  High stress conditions include:  driving frequently in stop and go traffic, driving on damaged roads, driving during excessively hot weather, or transporting heavy loads or towing.  When under high stress conditions, it's important to change the transmission fluid more often than the manufacturer's recommendation.
  •  Keep a good schedule of engine tune-ups.  When an engine is malfunctioning, it can appear as though the transmission is at fault.
  •  Have your vehicle lifted and examined for leaks at least twice a year.
  • Towing or hauling heavy loads can result in excessive heat building up in the transmission.  If the transmission fluid is regularly exposed to higher temperatures, it can become contaminated, burned off, or both.  Check your transmission fluid immediately after towing a load.
  • Allow your car to warm up before you begin driving.
  • Whenever you park your vehicle, put on the parking brake.

Too often, we see vehicles with transmission issues that have been made worse by ignoring the signs of a problem or by having it serviced improperly by someone who is not qualified to repair it.  Don't let this happen to you - come have your transmission serviced by the professionals at The Transmission Shop in McKinney, Dallas, Garland, Plano, or Lewisville.  We are qualified, affordable, and will save you time and money by performing your transmission maintenance correctly the first time.  It has been proven that your car repair bills tend to increase in proportion to the number of miles that you continue to drive the car after the first symptoms of a problem appear.  If your vehicle shows any of the signs of transmission trouble, don't wait to get it repaired or it will end up with even more damage.  It's much easier to come in for a simple repair now than it is to hear that you need an entire transmission overhaul or replacement later.


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