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Is your vehicle indicating a transmission problem? Are you worried about breakdowns and being stranded on a busy highway?  If you want these problems fixed and would like to prolong the dependability of your vehicle, come visit The Transmission Shop today!

You do not need an appointment in order to receive speedy service.  Simply bring your car during operational hours and we will begin by performing an external examination of your transmission, free of charge.  Our mechanics are experts and specialize in a wide range of transmission repairs, including both automatic transmission repairs and manual transmission repairs.  We are also certified to service the drive shift and clutch.  We can also take care of all your transmission maintenance needs, transmission fluid replacement, transmission repairs, and much more.

There is not a charge when we initially look at your car.  The first thing we do when you bring your car in is check the transmission fluid level.  This is followed by a road test to help us get a feel for your vehicle's overall performance.  Then a computer scan helps us to thoroughly identify any repairs that are needed.  During all of these steps, we watch for leaks and any corrosion of external connections.  If the filters in the engine are not properly maintained, they can also cause problems, so we check these as well.  All of these above-mentioned diagnostic services are provided completely free of charge for our valued customers.

Even after the best possible transmission repair job, there is still the responsibility of every car owner to keep the transmission maintenance current.  Remember to check your transmission fluid on a regular basis.  When under high-stress conditions, change it more often than the recommended schedule.  To ensure that your vehicle continues to run at it's best, always promptly seek the aid of a professional mechanic if you think there is something unusual about your car's performance.

Drivers also have the responsibility of maintaining a tuned engine. An ignored or improperly tuned engine is often the source of many problems.  Here at The Transmission Shop, we can help care for any problems you may have with the engine of your car.  Our customers have called our service "honest", "fair", and "great".  We have highly professional mechanics that treat each vehicle as though it was their own.  If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being stranded after a breakdown, please call us and we will help in any way we can.  At The Transmission Shop, we offer free towing with service.

In order to service each specific vehicle in the best manner possible, we gather and keep a record of all vital information concerning each repair.  If we are unable to diagnose your transmission problem after the external examination, an internal inspection is highly recommended.  By doing so, it may prevent the need to replace the entire transmission.  An internal examination requires the removal of your vehicle's transmission.  Every component of the transmission is then examined with extreme care.  During this procedure, the seals of the joints and bearings are also checked.

After the root of the problem has been identified, our mechanic inspects the transmission an additional time to verify that nothing has been missed.  After receiving your approval to proceed with the transmission repair, our mechanics always use the very best and most durable parts.  When the transmission repair is complete, additional road testing is performed to confirm that your vehicle is performing as expected and that all components are solidly in place.  At The Transmission Shop, you can relax and be confident that your vehicle is in expert hands.


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