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For a moment, consider how a transmission repair shop compares to a dentist's office.  In both cases, people avoid going for a visit as long as possible. In fact, most people won't make an appointment until they are in the midst of an emergency.  At The Transmission Shop, we care for our customers' needs just like a caring, sincere dental professional would.  Our initial inspection is extremely thorough as we get to the root of the problem and inform the customer exactly what work will be needed.  Our preliminary inspection will also be followed by informing our customer of any preventative measures needed to avoid similar emergency situations in the future.

Our mechanics are certified by both the National Institute for ASE and ATSG.  ASE stands for Automotive Service Excellence.  Some of our mechanics have earned a certification called The Blue Seal of Excellence, given by the National Institute for ASE.  These chosen mechanics have acquired a skill level that meets the high standards defined by this organization.  In order to maintain the Blue Seal rating, this organization also requires continuous and extensive training in theory, quality car repair procedures and diagnosis.  ATSG stands for Automotive Transmission Service Group.  This is the largest technical support service group in the transmission service industry and is employee-owned.  One service the ATSG offers its members is a technical hotline that keeps mechanics abreast of all the current information in the automatic transmission world, both domestic and import.  When you choose The Transmission Shop, you can be confident that you have chosen a car repair shop with top-notch credentials, as well as professionalism, quality workmanship, and a knowledgeable staff.

In a typical vehicle, there are various indications that warn a driver when the transmission is not working correctly.  If your car has a manual transmission, you may hear a new noise when changing gears or perhaps shifting becomes difficult.  Either situation could indicate a low transmission fluid level.  If a car continues to be driven when the transmission fluid is low, serious transmission damage will occur.  Grinding noises or slippage between gears on a manual transmission may also indicate a worn synchromesh.  The synchromesh synchronizes the speeds of different connecting parts in order to prevent clashing.

When a car owner becomes aware of one or more of the typical signs of a transmission problem, it's important to seek professional help quickly.  At The Transmission Shop, our mechanics won't just speculate about the problem.  They will provide you with an accurate diagnosis based on a thorough inspection.  Family owned and operated,  we consider professionalism and workmanship to be the cornerstones of our commitment to excellence.  The fully licensed and experienced staff at The Transmission Shop takes pride in their care and dedication to quality.

We work hard to maintain our high transmission service standards.  To help achieve this goal, each mechanic is responsible for keeping an up-to-date log of each part ordered and every procedure performed on a transmission.  Our mechanics provide you with the service and quality that they would want if they were the customer.    For testimonials from our customers about the quality transmission service that they have received at The Transmission Shop, please visit the following website:


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