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Visit the Best Transmission Shop in Lewisville!

Come visit the best transmission shop in Lewisville, Texas!  Call for an appointment or just bring your car over.  An appointment is not required for speedy service. We provide free external transmission checks to all of our valued customers! This free transmission check includes checking the level of your transmission fluid and inspecting all parts related to the transmission for looseness, improper exposure, or corrosion. During this examination, we also examine the fan clutch. All of this is complimentary to new or returning customers.

After we verify that the transmission fluid level is at an appropriate volume, we make a visual check of the external condition of your transmission and it's connections.  We also perform road tests free of charge.  By performing a road test, we are able to observe how your vehicle's transmission performs first hand.  From our observations, we report if there was any delayed response, harsh or soft shifting, signs of the transmission slipping, excessive noise, or unexplained vibrations.  We are then able to diagnose if the engine is the cause of your vehicle's poor performance.  Following this diagnosis, we perform a comprehensive electronic computer vehicle scan.  The computer scan will verify if a minor repair is needed.  

After the scan has been completed, your vehicle will be lifted in order to check for transmission fluid leaks and corrosion.  From this vantage point, we are also able to explore external connections.  The axles, drive lines, mounts, and u joints will also be checked.  

After these visual checks and diagnostic tests, we will determine what sort of repair is needed to get your vehicle running like new.  Quite often, only a simple transmission repair job is all that is needed.  In fact, sometimes our tests determine that the problem does not involve the transmission at all.  Some other possibilities include air or fuel filters that need to be replaced, problems with the catalytic converter, or throttle position sensor issues.  Even an impaired cooling system could cause a problem that appears to be transmission related.  

Regardless of the size of the problem, whether it's a simple repair, transmission overhaul, or an entire transmission replacement, no job is too small or too big for our skilled mechanics at The Transmission Shop.  Our knowledgeable diagnosticians are very detail oriented and can even narrow down a problem that begins with the tires.  Some vehicles have problems with the transfer case if the vehicle's tires are not the correct size or are not inflated correctly.  Our technicians will notify you if they find any such issues.  

The staff at the Transmission Shop wants to perform the correct repair the first time. We take pride in our work and back it up with a warranty to ensure our customer's satisfaction. Enjoy some peace of mind and trust your vehicle to the professionals at The Transmission Shop!
Come to the best; come to The Transmission Shop in Lewisville as soon as you can!


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