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Choosing a transmission service center to care for your vehicle can be a very daunting task.  To add to the uncertainty, you may be new to the area or not ever established a working relationship with a local mechanic.  Unfortunately, not all auto repair shops have a high standard of workmanship or high values regarding honesty with their customers.  Therefore, it's important to research and collect information about businesses before entrusting your vehicle to just any transmission repair company.

What can you tell about an auto repair company just from looking at it?  One thing you can look at is their parking lot; how many cars are parked on the premises?  Lots of cars can signal that business is good.  Business is typically good because the service there is good.  If a lot of the cars in the lot look like they've been sitting there a long time, that's not a good sign.  This could imply that prices too high and unaffordable or that service is too slow.  If most of the vehicles in their lot look like older cars and yours is a newer model, it would be a good idea to ask about their mechanic's experience.  Unfortunately, there are many auto repair mechanics that do not keep up with changes in newer models and the technology that is constantly on the move.  It's important to know that the technicians you are considering are skilled and have the proper tools to service your vehicle.  Something else to observe in the repair shop's parking lot is if there are government vehicles being serviced.  This can give you more insight into the way they conduct business.  Since government contracts are often given to the lowest bidder, it could be a sign that the shop has affordable prices.  However, this could also be a negative factor if they charge overly low prices.  Sometimes the result is poor work because there's not enough incentive for superior effort.  Many transmission repair shops are simply in a rush to get the cars out of the store with the money in hand.

Here at The Transmission Shop, we have evidence to support that we are "The Transmission Experts"!  We have many satisfied customers in McKinney who are happy to recommend us to you.  We post testimonials on our web site that include comments about our clean working environment, superb vehicle performance following service, our honesty, clarity in communication, and fair quoting.  In nearly all circumstances, the invoice that is presented after servicing is complete matches the quote.  You will never be unpleasantly surprised by unexpected or hidden costs.

Another source of our pride at The Transmission Shop is our turnaround time.  We have many customers who have had the pleasant experience of dropping off their vehicle, only to pick it up by the next day running like new.  We do not actually perform repairs on Sunday, but for your convenience, we do accept phone calls on Sunday to ensure that you are never without transmission assistance and customer service.

Come to the right place the first time - come visit The Transmission Shop today!  We have locations in McKinney, Dallas, Garland, Plano, and Lewisville, so a good experience with transmission repair is never far away.


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